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Our mission is to provide a great environment where musicians and clients can collaborate and take the burden of finding clients and administrative work off your shoulders. In exchange, we ask that you follow these guidelines. Most of this is should be common sense.

Be original

Clients are looking for original content that makes their videos stand out, but we understand that there are potential similarities when working within a music genre. While we both want to give the client what they are looking for, it is essential not to blatantly copy music that is copy-written or from other musicians participating on beatspoken.

Submit only your best work

We expect you always submit your best work. We spend time selecting the best musicians to provide a high level or quality to our clients. We expect you to want and do the same.

Act professionally

You agree to behave professionally and respectfully towards all clients, fellow musicians, and staff members in your communications and business practices. Aggressive, offensive or other unprofessional behavior may result in account suspension.

Always follow-through

When working on a project, always finish what you have started. We understand that sometimes unexpected things can happen that may cause delays. You will need to communicate with the client and our staff if you are unable to meet a deadline. Contact the staff if you are unable to finish the project. We will do everything we can to help!

Respect the confidentiality of our clients

Our site is an ideal place to build your portfolio. However, it is essential to have a client’s permission before adding their music to your portfolio. Some of the projects on will be marked as private and not allow musicians to showcase their videos publicly. If you share work that you are not entitled to share, there may be legal repercussions.

Keep work and communication on beatspoken

We provide a service that provides you with a constant stream of work while also providing administrative tools to ensure that you are paid and can focus on writing great music. We trust you will respectfully keep all work and communications on the beatspoken site. Violating this trust may result in account suspension.