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Payouts & Fees

Last updated: 06/01/2022

Transparency is important to us and we would like everyone to understand how we pay musicians for their work.

In order to provide a fair and balanced rate, we will divide the proceeds into two portions:

Beatspoken Fee
Amount charged by Beatspoken LLC. for use and maintenance of the service, payment and processing fees, and marketing costs. Currently: 25% of the total amount.
Total Payout
Amount received by musicians after deducting Processing Fees and Beatspoken Fee.


Since the Processing Fees have portions that are a fixed amount, your payout may vary based on the amount paid per project. As the projects increase in cost, musicians payouts increase since Processing Fees will make up a smaller percentage.

  $30 Project $100 Project
Beatspoken Fee $7.50 $25.00
Total Payout $22.50 $75.00

Note: You will always see the total payout for each project on the top left hand side of the project card when searching for auditions.