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Music Cateogries

There are 5 cateogries of music…

Music played during your video to provide and support its overall emotion and mood. This music usually repeats after a certain amount of time and can be played throughout the video or at certain transitional periods.
Your video might have a specific concept, like a scene in an Italian restaurant. The music should reflect the tone of the video and support it based on the emotions and moods you’ve selected.
You might be looking for a theme that can be reused in all of your videos. It could be music for the introduction, a specific transition, credits, etc.
You’re the director of your video and you have the exact vision of what you want. Give as much detail as you need for the musician to create the best music for your video.
Open to ideas
Not sure what you want? No problem! We’ll have musicians look at your video and provide samples based on their experience.